Daniel Dibiasi

go - docker - python - linux
Vienna | Munich | Zurich


Software Engineering Lead, Data Engineer, Linux Head, into anything distributed computing related.

Contact: LinkedIn | E-Mail


Many years of professional software engineering experience, Master of Science in Data Science & Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mobile Computing.

Data Science

Specialized in highly parallel log template mining and automated data analysis pipelines. Data science tasks may include: Interpreting data, generating insight via diagrams & statistics, as well as machine learning and model creation.

Software Engineering

Focused on software architecture with future maintainability in mind. Past software engineering work spans from containerized GoLang services, over critical client Cython binaries (Over the air update capability, remote diagnosis), to custom embedded Linux distributions.


Current DevOps work includes: Container Orchestration, CI/CD Pipelines and Linux system administration. Typical CI/CD pipelines may consist of: Documentation generation, API testing, API fuzzing, containerized cross compiling (ARM), container creation & push to private registries, service deployment and OTA rollout strategies.

Academical Work

Research projects focused on: Financial market analysis (semantical & technical), highly parallel log mining algorithms, anomaly detection, implementing open-source Bluetooth utilities, et cetera..